Ciao Pizzéria

& Ristorante


Italian flavors

in Pécs

We do love Italy and the Italian cuisine! Every single time when we visited this boot-shaped country we were amazed by the people, the flavors and the feelings. Once during this kind of visit, an idea came to our mind if we could feel the same and have the same sensory experience also in Pécs? After this idea there was no return. Day after day the details had come and new plans had arrived. Finally, as a result of these Ciao Pizzeria and Ristorante was born. After more than year as Ciao Pizzeria and Rosticceria grew both in size and offer, it turned out to become more and more like a modern restaurant citing the atmosphere of the well-known Italian “Ristorentes'”. That was the point we had changed its name to Ciao Pizza and Ristorante.

Our goal to make our clients feel in Italy and to give them the finest food.


Our chef

Our chef

Gianluca Rossi




What do you need for preparing the best Italian food? First of all, an excellent Italian master Chef. Who lives for his work and the clients, who is always happy and friendly- called Gianluca “NonCapisco” Rossi. He had already known his profession. After the school and in the weekends he used to work in a restaurant where always bustled in the kitchen. He learnt a lot of tricks from the older generation and the technique of how to make a pizza was taught by his grandfather. When he was 15 years old he started to study the spices and their effect. He used to spent a lot of time in the kitchen, but less in the school. Although he continued his studies, his real masters remained their parents, his grandfather and the Life itself.



After the death of his grandfather, he opened a new restaurant with his brother in Pisa. When they bought it, the opinion of Gianluca was that “it’s a dying restaurant and nobody enters”. And then a crazy idea came, a 121 centimeter pizza. Soon everybody heard about it in that area. So new and new clients came to admire this creative and delicious art. It started to become popular and a haunt for famous Italian artists and athletes. Marcello Mastroianni, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Giuseppe Salvatore, de Sica, Mario Cippolini and Alberto Tomba were the ones of the few famous people who also visited the restaurant. After some successful years, they opened a new pizzeria, called L’Oliveta. After 11 years of operation, Gianluca moved back to Lucca to open the Blueberry which was originally a fish restaurant. Here he had the opportunity to become the master of the fish foods. From the eel to the shark through the swellfish every kind of fish were found what people could eat. Due to the crisis, Gianluca sold his business and his next stop was Pécs.

Previously he had already visited us and like many of us he also fell in love with Pécs. Always says this is the most beautiful city in the world. They have found each other: Gianluca, Pécs and Ciao Pizzeria.



Interview with Gianluca –


Italian style from

Italian ingredients


To offer the best quality we work only with the finest ingredients. Where could we get these if not from the home of Italian cuisine? From the spices to the meats most of our ingredients were brought from Italy and we serve them as fresh as we can. Moreover, which makes our flavors more special it is the wood-fired oven.


The first-classed ingredients, the wood-fired oven mixed and a master chef combination comes to a result of the finest Italian food here, in Pécs.